I think I’ve found the perfect trunk coffee table.

In need of storage? Well you’re in the right place. I thought I’d dedicate this post to those of us who just can’t seem to find enough room for all the stuff we have. Don’t worry I’m probably the worst at this as my junk just seems to stack up everywhere. Thankfully there’s a little remedy for this which is simply hiding it in plain sight! Yup I’m talking about the trunk coffee table with its stylish and elegant wooden construction. This one is sure to serve you well in your living room whilst also hiding any stacks of books and magazines you have lying around.

spoiler alert – check out the best trunk coffee table here!

I’ve mainly used these for smaller rooms in my home but they also work great for larger living rooms. Just make sure to check the footprint with your surrounding furniture. These are essentially large wooden boxes which makes the extremely sturdy and able to take quite the abuse. Perfect for tossing in blankets and other “throws” you might have taking up space. Of course I’ve gone on a lot about how spacious these trunk coffee tables are. Let’s not forget thought that they also make great cocktail/coffee tables too! Take a look at what I found to be the best trunk coffee tables around.

Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table

Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table
A nifty little design. Perfect for those who just want a simple yet elegant design.

Starting off with a nice classic example as I usually like to do the pyramid trunk cocktail table by Southern Enterprises is indeed a great one. In fact, this was one of the first coffee/cocktail tables I owned and boy did it go through a lot! From spilled coffee, tossing heavy items and bumping this thing around in transportation, it withstood it all. Hands down though the storage space was a life saver. The interior storage dimensions on this table are 34.25″ W x 17″ D x 11.5″ H perfect for when I had that spare stuff I didn’t know what to do with. Easy, I just open the lid and toss it in, problem solved! The overall dimensions on this thing though are 38.75″ W x 21.25″ D x 18.75″ H inches. I almost forgot those decorative handles give it the finishing touch, the icing on the cake if you will. As I mentioned earlier, should you choose this one, you should be able to make it work in just about any type of setting.

Gold Rush Steamer Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest

Gold Rush Steamer Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest/trunk coffee table
Like having a pirates treasure chest in your living room. How cool is that!


If you want to unleash the hidden pirate within you then look no further or maybe you just like a treasure chest in your living room (I won’t judge lol). In all seriousness though this table gives so much character to a home.

You won’t believe how many positive comments I received over the years on this particular table/chest. I love antique looking décor items and this one is no exception from it old fashioned hardware to its buckle it truly is that missing piece to any home. I believe this one comes in two sizes with the large coming in at 29.5″ x 19.5″ x 18.5″ inches. Yes, it’s a bit more “squarish” in shape but I still think it looks great while keeping things modest. It’s made of cedar wood and the storage room on this piece is enough to help remedy any organization issues you may be having (or store hidden treasure?). It comes fully assembled and only weighs about 20 pounds so easy to transport and carry around.

Signature Design by Ashley McKenna Cocktail Table with Storage

Signature Design by Ashley McKenna Cocktail Table with Storage
Similar to the first one but with a bit more “flair”. Beautiful design and those straps are nice too!


Looking for something with a little bit more going on as opposed to a “wooden box”? Then consider the Ashley Mckenna signature cocktail table. This is one heck of a trunk coffee table. It screams grace and elegance with its faux leather belt accents and antiqued bronze tone hardware. This table is hand finished and made of veneer, man-made wood and metal. The unique thing about this table is the slide open top. It’s a pretty heavy table considering its construction and weighs approximately 92 pounds and measures 25.8 x 48.2 x 22 inches. A fine addition to any living room.

Maldives Trunk Coffee Table

Maldives Trunk Coffee Table
Don’t be fooled its not just a “wooden box”. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you decide on this one.


Speaking of wooden boxes, I think you might like this. Now although it looks very simple in appearance remember looks can be deceiving and this one proves it. This is hands down one of the most solid trunk tables I have ever owned and that alone makes it one of my favorites. It’s finished in walnut color and has plenty of space both on its interior and tabletop. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without dimensions and this table is a good size at 18.5″H x 38″W x 18.5″D inches. Tall and narrow exactly what most are looking for out of a table. This table comes fully assembled so no need to hassle with that. It is a bit hefty but nothing two people couldn’t carry around effortlessly. I really don’t know how anyone could go wrong with this table. It’s a sturdy box with lots of storage, perfect.

Nailhead Cocktail Table Trunk

Nailhead Cocktail Table Trunk
Again similar to our first but a little more “busy”. Those pin inserts on that argyle pattern is stunning!


So maybe you’re looking for something plain but at the same time not “too plain” if that makes sense. What I mean by that is perhaps you need something to add a bit of character to the room and help accent and highlight certain aspects. Well I believe that the Nailhead cocktail table fills this niche quite nicely. The antique gold hardware and stubs filling the points of that beautiful argyle pattern speak loads when it comes to style and décor. Of course this is a trunk table and has that very much valuable storage space and smooth solid table top. It’s a really sturdy table and assembly is as easy as 1,2,3. Not that it does have supporting legs which is a feature I found some folks do not like but I honestly don’t mind it. Just keep this in mind when considering this table. The footprint on this trunk coffee table is 37in. W x 20.5in. D x 17.25in. H and the interior storage is 35in. W by 17in. D by 12in. H. This makes this table suitable for almost any type of room and setup you may have.

The Best Trunk Coffee Table

This concludes my list of the best trunk coffee tables around. As always I hope you enjoyed and most importantly gained some insight and knowledge to the various products out there. My job is to help you narrow down the options and pinpoint the table that will suit you best and I hope I accomplished this. If you still feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to choosing then let me recommend the pyramid trunk coffee table

It’s simplicity and storage space just can’t be beat. It’s solid and well balanced. What I mean by that is it doesn’t rock back and forth due to a short leg. Lasted me many years and served its purpose well. Not to mention how easy it was to carry around. Light and strong the way it should be. I really hope I helped you in your decision. If you still have questions send me an email using the contact me page. Thanks and be safe!

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